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We were amazed at the difference that  Infrafar heaters have had on our practise sessions. They provide a natural warmth and there is no stuffiness in the room like we used to have with the blow heaters. 

Lucy Green,

Lucy Yoga

Yoga studio FAR infrared heaters

Safe - Healthy - Clean - Silent - Controllable - Instant - Cost Effective

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Find out the benefits of using FAR infrared Heaters and how they can improve your yoga sessions. 
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FAR infrared yoga heaters

        Yoga Heaters - For A Healthy Body & Mind

Far Infrad Heaters Provide a Warm and Comforting Heat That is Easily Absorbed by The Body Giving You A Feeling of Wellbeing 

Feel the warmth of the sun on your body

 Our bodies emit FAR infrared heat at between 3 and 50 microns and this is known as ‘The Light of Life’ The Infrafar range of yoga heaters work at the optimum frequency of between 8 and 14 microns allowing us to absorb the heat, improving blood circulation and giving you a feeling of wellbeing. 

FAR infrared radiates heat, unlike traditional heaters that use convection to warm the air.

This helps to reduce pollutants in the air and provide a more healthy environment for you to perform your yoga practise in.  

infrared heating feel the warmth of the sun

Practising Yoga provides a variety of both physical and psychological health benefits. The addition of heat to a yoga session heightens and multiplies these benefits.

However, having the right type of heat is very important or these added benefits are lost.

Blown air heaters for example, increase humidity, creating a stuffy environment and also circulates pollutants and allergens leaving people feeling stuffy, with sore throats as well as aggravating respiratory problems and allergies.

FIND OUT how FAR INFRARED YOGA HEATERS can benefit and improve your sessions and overall health

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Safe - Healthy - Clean - Silent - Controllable - Instant - Cost Effective

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